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I am a software engineer, an Open Source contributor, a family man, and a builder. I like to create things with my hands, improve things I use regularly, and generally tinker. I’m passionate about personal liberty and limited government, and I vote regularly in local, state, and federal elections for the candidate I think is most likely to shrink government and expand liberty. I’m also an author—In March 2014, Wrox published my first book, Professional Java for Web Applications (Kindle).

A Little History

I was born and raised in Middle Tennessee with three older sisters (two of whom were twins) and a younger brother. I attended Belmont University—originally as a Music Business major—and graduated with a Bachelor of Science for Audio Engineering Technology and Computer Science. I payed my way through school by working full time as a software developer and taking out student loans. (The tip jar to your right helps pay those student loans!) I met my wife, Allison, at Belmont, and we married a month after graduation.

I got a job in 2009 at a great little company called PureSafety, whose mission was to improve the health and safety of workforces across the globe through word-class software and services. Thanks to the nomination of the CTO there, in 2010 the Nashville Technology Council awarded me the distinction of being named Software Engineer of the Year. Underwriters Laboratories bought us in 2011 and we became UL Workplace Health & Safety. The company changed, but our mission didn’t. I met a lot of good friends and learned a great deal along the way. My time there as a Java developer and (eventually) as a C# developer led me to become involved in a lot of open source projects.

In 2013 the opportunity to write a Java book fell into my lap, and I jumped on it. It was a long road, about which I have already blogged. It led me to be even more involved in open source software than I already was, and today I’m a committer and member of the project management committee (PMC) for Apache Logging (home of Log4j, Log4Net, Log4php, and Log4cxx), the founder and primary developer of the Jackson Mapper JSR 310 Datatype Module for Java 8 Date and Time compatibility, the founder and primary developer for the NWTS Java Code community, and a contributor to Apache TomcatSpring Framework, Spring Security, and Spring Data.

In 2014 I experienced several life changes. First, my wife and I found a beautiful 8.5-acre plot of land—complete with creek—in Franklin, Tennessee and snatched it up. We’ve been busy building a driveway, bridge, and house, and hope to move there with our adorable and obnoxious cats soon. It is affectionately named Cardinal Haven.

Not long after that, I decided to move on to something new and exciting and left UL WHS to begin work as a Senior Software Engineer at Eventbrite. At the time, they had just created their Nashville office and were just getting their Nashville engineering team up and running, and I’m so excited to be a part in its growth and continued success. I’ve been at Eventbrite for almost two years now, and I’ve loved every minute of it. They are a “love brand,” a fantastic company to be a part of and to be a customer of.

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